About The Ten Seconds Project

Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project pays homage to the childhood game of hide and seek which the photographer used to play with her brother. The project rules are loosely based on the game. Alma gives herself ten seconds to try and hide or make herself as small as she possibly can before her camera goes off on self-timer. The photographs show Alma in a variety of domestic locations, with her adult body squeezed into confined spaces, never completely concealed, but also never revealing her true identity.

No matter how advanced your own photography skills are, you can also join this project and bring out the child in you. Take your own hide and seek photographs and share them with Alma and the on-going project.

Email alma@haser.org for more information or to submit your photographs and videos, with the title Ten Seconds Project in the subject.

Check out the Rules here!

Current number of people hiding: 59
Contributions from 19 countries